Online Field Guide to The Reptiles and Amphibians of Arizona

Arizona Biomes, Biotic Communities, and Habitats
Biomes & Biotic Communities of Arizona - Arizona Habitats

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Arizona Reptile HabitatAlpine Tundra Arizona Reptile HabitatSemidesert Grassland
Arizona Reptile Habitat Petran Subalpine Conifer Forest Arizona Reptile HabitatGreat Basin Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile HabitatSubalpine Grassland Arizona Reptile Habitat Chihuahuan Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile HabitatPetran Montane Conifer Forest Arizona Reptile Habitat Mohave Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile HabitatGreat Basin Conifer Woodland Sonoran Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile HabitatMadrean Evergreen Woodland      Arizona Reptile HabitatArizona Upland Sonoran Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile HabitatInterior Chaparral      Arizona Reptile HabitatLower Colorado River Sonoran Desertscrub
Arizona Reptile Habitat Plains and Great Basin Grassland Riparian Habitat

Adapted from:
Brown, D.E., P.J. Unmack, and T.C. Brennan. 2007. Digitized Map of Biotic Communities
for Plotting and Comparing Distributions of North American Animals.
Southwestern Naturalist. 52(4).

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